She didn't expect that Xiao Yuan has not died yet. She has lived to this day and has become Ye C After the sound of corpse roar, Shi Bing heard the voice of nearly a thousand corpse King's corp He looked at the ghost son and said: "strange, you are among us seven, the most angry, most like to Lingyu could not help but fight a cold war. Ouyang Hai, a young disciple of the Pudong school, was nicknamed angel in white. In the magic space, from the underground city to the evil Yang house, this young man always seems to The violent explosion destroyed Lin's ball of wool... Which made Lin feel... Very strange. The reason why they knew they were not the receptionists of each other's guild was mainly becaus Xia Liang skimmed his mouth and thought that Yue Zhong was secretly touching his chest. Although North Korea is very poor, for a large country, 8 billion is not expensive at all. As for No. 2, he just looked at Yue again, but said nothing. "Although there is no resurrection, this power is really amazing." Only three months have passed since the end of the world. I don't know how there are so many sen As for the large area of the attack, it can't even penetrate his 10 cm thick skin. In this way, it will inevitably lead to the fierce reaction of the Chinese Empire. Yang Kang nodded. He once stayed in Tangchen's house for a day. He knew that in addition to ordi Chen Ming recalled that he took the microphone from Wang Bo, Looking at this situation, the space storm is more than 200 Li wide and covers such a wide area that

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