Two jade Stardust drink at the same time! Therefore, Lei Xiaojun was ready to bargain with Wang Zhengyu. A group of people took a carriage and went to his home. It was a huge mansion with profound details, In this era, most temples were equipped with guest rooms for guests to stay. "It's no use saying it. Surrender quickly. I've lost patience." Zichen did not speak, the light in his hand flashed again, and a soul soldier appeared. About, Lin Feng is also helpless, will set foot on the top of Huashan. There was a gentle laugh on one side. Su Ling Er quickly lifted the quilt and saw Su Xuan standing o Originally walked in front of the purple Chen, heard this voice, suddenly stopped. Since she can't attack the night, DIA can only use her own life to blackmail the night. Although "What family, Zhang Jing, don't talk nonsense. And you, who wants to invite you? You are beautif "Master, since it was given by elder martial sister and husband, you can take it." Speaking of this, Liu Dong's eyes brightened, and then he suddenly thought of a way to get out o How can Shi Lei become the first batch of Raiders again? The two old men glared at the box on the ground, and they knew that the breath of just old came from "Lv Meng earnestly receives the legal order." When his daughter comes back, he will fry a daughter's favorite chicken slices. "It is necessary to find an opportunity to go back to the Dawu Dynasty and eradicate the Fengyun cla

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