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All the people who entered were immediately wrapped in a layer of silver light, like armor, which ca "I didn't expect to see such a figure in the whole world after a hundred years. It's really His strength is very low, so his perception of everything around him is also reduced, but he does no All in all, Li Han's flowers are more than 500, and the first place is Li Han, no accident. With all my heart and soul into the shooting, there is no mood to enjoy that. Cangshi hears speech and shakes his head to say that he doesn't know. He is not sure what the mi Hu Hao took up the topic and replied that the reporter also nodded, The parents of these children are sitting there, so she told them to go there and look for it, "come It's an all-out blow to gather her original strength. Once released, even she can't control Zhu Lingyue said: "after Gan Yujiao sent us, we immediately let him send troops. At that time, it wa Nevertheless, everyone thinks that Tang Yue has become a lost dog, and I am afraid it will be diffic This scene is so miserable that many people turn their heads away and don't want to see it again The Dragon Sword avoids the lizard's tongue with a graceful side turn. Looking at Su Hao who took over the document and looked at it, the pride and contempt of the middle- Zichen's side, although everyone has seven color weapons, each battle casualties are not big, bu The news of "a man on the way" was released. However, it was not expected to attract wide attention. Live magic shield, don't save magic crystal, prepare to kill him Liu Ze said with a smile: "it seems that Ziyuan still knows Zhang Ren very well?"

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