As ye Chu went deeper and deeper, he saw fewer and fewer practitioners. However, ye Chu failed to se These movements let this elder can't help but be surprised, originally already slightly let down When he went to the border of Jin and Song Dynasties, the location of the magic sword formula in PI Old Wei did not understand the blink of an eye murmured. This makes the whole battlefield situation like a sand avalanche, and makes the Xuehe military city As soon as the voice of samsara supreme fell and a big hand was waved, the figures of him and Wei Qi Jump directly from the platform more than ten meters high to the deep well where the server is locat Tan Hemu lost his soul to follow behind, allowing the war poem dragon horse to run by himself. At this moment, seeing that tomorrow would be the time of Dabi, he gathered all his confidants toget Obviously, they didn't think we would be waiting for them, so they didn't move fast. The "zimie" wind and thunder whip, beating and dancing, is full of wind and thunder of destruction, "It's OK. Everyone has worked hard." "Report to your majesty, there are not many wounded." "Luo Chuan is going to play the play to the end... After today, their father and son are" enemies of As for whether to establish his own tribe or not, Murong Yu didn't feel much about it. Mo Xinlan looked at Dong Wanyao's pretty face and suddenly said, "you are Dong Xiang's siste There is only one place for the creator God, and ten of this quota falls on empress Nuwa. A voice full of dignity blew up in the sky: "who killed my son! Who killed my son!"

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