"Sorry, if you have any questions, you can ask the coach." Liu Jianlin nodded, "please come to the living room." "What kind of magic tattoo is that? It seems to be full of power!" Six scenes waved his hand and interrupted the words of wind tunnel obstruction, "Xiao Feng, I don&#3 The reason for such a situation is naturally the heroic basic policy of Shi Bing that if you can kil Yue Chong waves his hand, but he is not a wrongdoer. This is no logic. For example, his contact with Mo Lao, the doctor found that his brain discharge was abnormal, and ex My confidant thinks in my heart, but I dare not ask questions. < An old woman sitting on the ground, crying, her tears are full. "Yes, I feel hungry, and then I can move my face." "What? Tens of millions. It&#39;s so possible that there are not tens of millions of devils in China Zeus said: "you believe in God crystal more, or you ask it!" It&#39;s not polite. It&#39;s not polite. AI demon was a little embarrassed and gave two cheers. Now, her stomach has been empty for a long time. Purple Court pointed to the front: "there is the spirit of fighting. There are people fighting there This is the end of the frescoes in the fairyland. It is very possible for the warrior to understand the power of the emperor.

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